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Fixed Price HP Laptop Screen Repair Replacement Service Launched on Ebay

In line with broadening the company’s offering from simply supplying wall, ceiling, desk and floor mounts, brackets and stands, we are pleased to announce that our HP authorised laptop computer repair company has now launched ‘fixed-price’ laptop screen replacement services on Ebay.

Initially covering selected HP models, these services will be offered for most manufacturers and models.

It had been accepted for a long that if a laptop screen was accidentally smashed, then it would be uneconomical to repair it, as the replacement screens often cost as much as a new laptop. 

It’s all well and good saying you might as well get a new laptop, but for business users then this is not always practical. If you have 7 sales people and someone gets a new laptop because they’ve been clumsy with their old one, then it hardly seems fair that they should get a brand new ‘all singing and all dancing’ model. There’s nothing more contentious with a sales team than who’s got the best laptop, other than of course who’s got the best company car!!

Also within larger corporates, the budget allocation can be an issue, there may be no capital equipment purchase budget available, although there may be money available in the repair and renewals budget.

Also, on the face of it, a new laptop sounds like a great idea, but then you have the issues with regard to software application compatibility, suddenly printer drivers don’t or remote access to the company network is a problem.

So, now you at least have a cost effective option, repairing an existing laptop might just be a better option.

To view our dedicated laptop repair website, please CLICK HERE

To view our Ebay Laptop Repair offers, please CLICK HERE

To view our Flat Screen Support website, please CLICK HERE

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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