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Fuel shortages, petrol pricing reaching £1.50 / litre, COBR meetings and Strike Action – truly a call for videoconferencing VC

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With the government going to the lengths of having COBR meetings (Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms), can we really be sure that there is no immediate danger of our country running out of fuel?

Also, it appears that several unions are viewing the up-coming Olympic games as a real opportunity to force through changes in working practices and to negotiate new pay deals. It appears that some union leaders believe that if a threat is made to strike during the summer, then the government and other employers will surrender and agree to their demands. Clearly, this is just not going to happen. In our opinion, the ultimate threat of strike action will be made, governments and other employers will not be bullied into new agreements, thus making strike action in some cases inevitable.

So we have the perfect storm, increased fuel costs, increased demand and the potential for services to be withdrawn. Is this really going to help the country get back on it’s feet? Will this enable businesses to meet with each other and agree business? probably not.

Could this perfect storm be a perfect opportunity for videoconferencing companies?  Could this be the most significant period for Video Conferencing (VC) sales since the tragedies of 9/11. The grounding of aircraft and the reluctance of companies to allow senior executives did lead to an increase use of transatlantic VC.

However, these localised issues may persuade those companies with available ‘capital spend’ budget, to invest in the latest communication technology. As we have covered in previous blogs, the latest VC hardware and software offer fantastic transmission speeds and super high resolution images. Gone are the days audio delays and blocky images, currently available VC units offer a true interactive meeting experience.

Our range of VC trolleys and stands offer cost effective compatibility with most VC units on sale today. If you’re in the market, why don’t you give us a call on 0845 835 0266


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