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Multiple Screen Advertising Using Apple iPad Screens and Premier IPM Mounts

We recently received an inquiry from an advertising company based in London. As with many initial conversations, the customer was not really too sure what questions to ask, let alone what answers to expect.

Having talked-through the traditional method of distributing audio and video signals from a central source, and then routing cables to each monitor point, it was decided this was not practical due to the nature of the building and planning restrictions.

Our technical sales chap was able to offer an entirely different solution, offering far fewer cabling issues and much more flexibility with regard to the advertising content.

Our solution

There were eight locations where there was a requirement for small advertising screens, mostly on the backs of doors, all were out-of-sight of the bar’s employees, hence they would need to be fixed onto the surfaces securely.

We were able to recommend the use of 8 Apple iPads, located and fixed into position using Premier wall mounting brackets. As these iPads would run the advertising independently, the only cabling requirement would be a mains-power supply plug to be located close to the screen.

Each iPad would be programmed with MP4 adverting that would auto-run, when the iPad was powered-on. As each of the iPads would hold the adverting independently, there would not be a danger of a supply source failing to deliver to all the screens. Historically if the power was accidentally turned-off at the source equipment, then all the advertising would stop, if the supply locked-up then the advertising would fail, then of course there was the human component to worry about, either accidental or malicious.

To securely mount the iPads to the doors, the Premier Mounts IPM-110 was specified as this was a secure mount that blocked the access to the control buttons, including the ‘Home’ button, this would prevent unauthorised adjustments or changes.

The IPM-110 mount is just one option available from the US manufacturer Premier Mounts, the extensive range available from Premier allows the Apple iPad to be mounted in many new applications in many different ways.

Having costed-out the differences between the traditional way of distributing the signal around the building or using our proposal, it was estimated that there would be a 42% cost saving. Not only would our suggested solution be more flexible and potentially more reliable and robust, it actually worked-out to be less expensive. If ever there was a ‘win-win’ situation, then this was it.

The IPM-110 was selected from the range of Premier Mounts options below :-

IPM-100                               Secure wall mount with customer access to ‘home’ button
IPM-110                               Secure wall mount with no customer access to any control
IPM-200                               Clamp assembly allowing iPad to mount onto any VESA 100 x 100 mount
IPM-300                               Free standing or secured to tabletop / desktop stand
IPM-400                               Audiovisual Rack drawer mount
IPM-500                               Rotating wall mount
IPM-510                               Mount for 50mm single-pole mount
IPM-520                               Mount for 50mm dual-pole mount
IPM-530                               Tabletop stand with wall mount
IPM-600                               Open frame light weight desk stand

For more information on our range of Apple iPad mounts, please click here.

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