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What’s a Cantilever TV Stand?

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Well, this is a question we’re being asked more and more.

Historically the term cantilever refers to the ability of a TV wall mount bracket to allow the TV or monitor to be pulled away from the wall, whilst maintaining it’s centred position, as opposed to an arm mount where the TV would need to move laterally (left/right) to allow it to swing away from the wall.

Over the last few years however, with the launch of more and more TV stands, the term Cantilever is being used slightly differently. When the term Cantilever is used with regard to a TV stand it simply means that the TV or monitor is attached to the floor stand, usually by using the wall-mount screw fixings on the back of the TV or monitor.

Cantilever floor stands are available from any manufacturers including the following :-

Off the Wall
S & C
Stil Stand

British manufacturer, B-Tech AV Mounts, has now entered this marketplace with its new range of exclusive and very high-end Cantabria audiovisual furniture.

As a new-comer into this particular market, B-Tech has used it’s 40 years of experience to produce a range of products with exclusive feature, such as a TV swivel (left/right) feature, allowing the TV to be turned, whilst the stand’s base does not move. Given that flat panel TV stands have been around for many years now, one would think that this was a widely available feature, sadly it isn’t. Even very expensive stands currently on the market just don’t offer this simple feature.

The B-Tech Cantabria range includes the following cantilever TV stand models :-

BTF800 – Flat screen TV stand with a square base.
BTF801 – Flat screen TV stand with round base.
BT810 – 1m TV stand with shelf in BLACK or WHITE.
BT811 – 1.2m TV stand with shelf in BLACK or WHITE.
BTF820 – TV / Videoconferencing Trolley.

This new Cantabria range of cantilever TV stands compliments B-Tech’s extensive range of commercial TV / Monitor stands.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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