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Finally, Competition for the Off The Wall, Origin S1, Origin S2, Origin S3 & the Origin S4

Currently, due to limited stock availability, we have only listed the Cantabria range on our Ebay Store

For the last few years the Origin range of TV stands from UK manufacturer ‘Off the Wall’ has ruled the roost. The S1 and the S3 have dominated the market for TVs up to 32″, whilst the S2 and the S4, have dominated the 32″ ~ 52″ marketplace.

Although over the years we sold many of the Origin stands, we were often asked by customers to provide one from the range with a turn left/right function, sadly we never could.

The vast majority of our customers did like the Origin stands, however we did have customers who were not totally happy with the paint spray finish on the MDF bases, be it the silver or the black version. The black version, although a good black paint finish, it was never a Piano Gloss Black finish, and the silver version was sometimes referred to as a matt silver. The big plus point however was that customers did love the beech, walnut and oak versions of the Origin range, assuming that it matched existing furniture in their homes.

Another area where our customers were a little critical was the shelf assembly. As the shelf assembly was attached by a central screw into the stand upright section, sometimes the shelves did not line-up correctly, or if they did when they were installed, if they were knocked, they had to be re-fitted.

For the 1st time, we are now able to offer a product that more than competes with the Origin range, this is supplied by UK manufacturer B-Tech under it’s new Cantabria brand. Although only available in either black or white versions, these stands offer significant benefits over the Origin products. If a customer’s priority when selecting a TV stand is the requirement for a stand with cherry, walnut or an oak finish, then the Origin range should still be considered.  The new BTF810 and BTF811 offer turn left /right by 360 degrees, have high gloss finishes and the shelves are supported by two screw-fittings, thus preventing the shelf from developing or moving. Other than a real wood finish, the new Cantabria range from B-Tech offers benefits above and beyond the specification of the Off The Wall Origin range.

Currently, due to limited stock availability, we have only listed the Cantabria range on our Ebay Store

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266

To visit the Origin range website, please click here


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