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Cantabria BTF810 & BTF811 Rotating Base LCD LED and Plasma TV & Monitor Stand

To view the range of the new Cantabria range, please visit our Ebay Shop. Due to limited initial stock, we are not listing this product on our website, just yet.

With the launch of the BTF810 & BTF811 LCD LED or Plasma TV Monitor stand is that a product finally offers what our customers have been demanding for many years.

The BTF810  and the BTF811 offer safe, secure and exceptionally stylish support for LCD, LED and Plasma screens up to an impressive 50″ screen diameter and 37″ respectively.

For many years the only real option for customers in the price bracket was the Off The Wall range of stands from Origin. Sadly this range did not allow the TV or monitor to swivel from left to right without turning the whole base on the floor, this encouraged customers to put stress on the flat panel TV as generally customers would turn the whole stand by pulling or pushing the scree, not ideal.

The BTF810 and BTF811 actually have a built-in turntable base, allowing the  screen and the upright part to turn independently of the wheeled base, placing far-less stress on the back of the flat screen.

As mentioned in other posts, although the first delivery has arrived, the initial stock volume is very low, there is likely to be gap between the first delivery selling-out and second delivery arriving.

For more information, please call 0845  835 0266


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