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Hotel Room Installations, What should we go for?

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We’re often asked by potential hotel room installers “Which brackets are best for hotel guest rooms?” Well of course, it depends on the hotel, the clientele and of course the available budget.

Having said that, of course it’s never actually that simple.

Clearly, security is an issue, the hotel manager won’t want their guests packing-up the hotel room TV, along with the complimentary soap, dressing gown and slippers.

Rather less obviously perhaps is that a very flexible bracket, one that allows the TV to tilt, turn and rotate may not be particularly practical. A bracket that allows a TV to be rotated to a portrait position, will almost certainly allow a TV to be rotated fully, allowing the TV to be left by a mischievous guest, upside down.  Travel weary guests don’t want to be faced with an upside down TV, they don’t want to have call down to the reception to ask how to remedy this problem. After hours and hours of travelling, guests are likely to just turn off the TV and complain about it at the reception desk in the morning, just as there is a queue of guests checking-out and settling their bills.

Unless the TV needs to be turned between two defined areas such as a sleeping area and a seating area, then our advice is keep it simple. If there is no absolute benefit allowing a TV to tilt or turn, we advise that you don’t offer it. Why introduce a problem?, why invite customer dissatisfaction and complaints?

Even offering a simple tilt function can encourage hotel guests to pull on the TV, now that’s absolutely fine for 99.9% of sensible guests, however this can be a problem if the guest happens to be an 18 stone rugby player, who’s team has just lost a game because he dropped  the ball!! It’s unlikely that that the bracket will detach from the wall, it’s more likely that the back plastic case of the TV will be smashed. Either way, the next guest who stays in the room, may be in for an unwelcome surprise, they would certainly have a problem trying to convince the reception desk staff that he smashed TV on the bedroom floor, was not caused by them.

Essentially, for the vast majority of hotel room installations, we advise that installers use a simple commercial grade flush bracket .The addition of security features such as a locking rod with padlock is of course advised.

For more advice on which bracket may be most suitable for your particular requirements, please call 0845 835 0266


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