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Smart Interactive Whiteboard Short Throw Projector Wall Mount BT884 Case Study

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A local school contacted us regarding a problem they had encountered with a projector used in conjunction with a Smart interactive whiteboard.

Following a break-in, a ceiling mounted projector had been irreparably damaged and sadly the projector model had been discontinued by the manufacturer. To compound the problem, when the original projector had been installed, a very long-throw lens version had been selected meaning that a direct replacement on the same mount was not an option.

The final problem was that following a risk assessment, access to the ceiling void above the classroom was no-longer permitted due to the potential risk of the dust particles and debris that had settled in the ceiling space over many years.

During the initial discussions, it was noted that there had been issues with image clarity and brightness, especially in bright sunshine.

Flat Screen Support was able to propose a projector mounting solution that resolved all the issues that had been presented by the school. By using a short-throw projector mounted on a short-throw projector wall mount above the Interactive Whiteboard, not only was there no disturbance to the dust  within the ceiling void, but as the light from the projector was not having to travel as far, the image quality was significantly brighter and clearer.

Due to the limited budget that was available to replace the projector and mount, Flat Screen Support was able to propose the B-Tech BT884-L, this allowed the new projector to be mounted just 1.3m from the wall. By being mounted just 1.3m from the wall, a very impressively bright image was achieved, allowing the Interactive Whiteboard to be used in all lighting conditions. In terms of future-proofing of the installation, the BT884-L allows a greater degree of flexibility allowing a projector to be mounted as close as 880mm from the wall through to 1510mm away.

Having experienced the improvement of the image quality and then appreciated the greater use of the Interactive Whiteboard, the school decided to apply for local authority budgeting to replace the other projectors within the school, all to be mounted on short-throw wall mounting brackets. Currently, the next phase of projector replacement is on hold pending budget availability, however when the funding does become available then this project will be completed.

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