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CRT Old Style TV Wall Mount Brackets, BT514, BT517& BT525

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We were contacted by a Children’s play and activity centre recently as they had received a donation of end-of-line portable TV sets, these were the older glass CRT versions. Once they had taken delivery of the CRT TVs and digital receivers, a decision was made that to keep the TVs out of the reach of the children might be the best option.

Having trawled the internet and local suppliers, Mrs Beach was at the stage of abandoning her search, as she was unable to buy the 15 units she needed, she was able to source one here and one there, but she really wanted 15 of the same type.

By chance she spoke to one of the parents of one of children who used the centre, happily for use the parent suggested contacting Flat Screen Support.

After a very brief telephone conversation, we were able to recommend the B-Tech BT517, this is a double articulated platform arm mount specifically designed for portable CRT TVs up to about 16”. As Flat Screen Support is a stock-holding supplier, we were even able to offer a next-day delivery of the 15 units that Mrs Beach required.

Initially, Mrs Beach decided that the best option was to purchase a single unit and “give it a try”, just to prove to herself that the product was suitable for her ‘new’ TVs and that it would be safe for the Children’s centre. Mrs Beach need not have been concerned. On receipt of the initial unit, she could see and appreciate the build quality of the product, the addition of the safety strap was confirmation that this bracket was designed specifically for her particular application. An order for the additional 14 units was received the very next day.

Apart from one faulty TV, the whole installation of the 15 units went very smoothly. As Mrs Beach commented, “Although we were very grateful for the donation of the TVs, it initially presented itself as a little bit of a poisoned chalice, we could not afford to spend a fortune on wall brackets, even if we could find a reliable supplier, thankfully Flat Screen Support provided the perfect bracket at a great price”

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