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B-Tech BT892 Projector Trolley / Lectern

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We were recently contacted by the PR department of a major Japanese Corporation regarding a specific requirement for the companies offices around Europe.

Being a truly global company, this corporation was keen to offer uniform presentation equipment across its European offices, this was to enable pan-European meetings and presentations to be completed with the minimum of fuss.

Clearly, ensuring compatibility of Laptop computers, multimedia projectors and flat panel display monitors was key. Given the time pressures and expense of bringing together staff member from all over Europe, the management of the corporation did not want be in a position where they were forced to call their IT guys, just to configure the hardware and software.

This corporation not only demanded that the laptop computers, software and presentation hardware was standardised, it even wanted the projector trolley / lectern to be standardised so that anyone presenting would know how to adjust the tilt and height of the projector platform.

Understanding the true value of professional presentations, the corporation selected the B-Tech BT892 Projector Trolley / Lectern. The design and styling of the B-Tech BT 892 trolley / lectern was the deciding factor, offering an easy to use model with exclusive design styling.

Initially 6 units were purchased for the 6 product planning divisions with the EEC, with a further 12 units ordered for the sales and marketing divisions.

As commented by the group purchasing direct, “As a product design and manufacturing company, we thoroughly appreciate the benefits of design and styling, however it was the ease of adjustment that we found to be crucial, happily all our users have adopted this trolley with ease.”

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