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Why are some TV brackets more expensive than others?

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This is a question we get asked all the time, why do 2 brackets that look similar have such a wide price difference.

As with most things in life, largely you get what you pay for, of course there are cheaper brackets on the market than the ones we sell, but are those other brackets true value for money? Just because something is cheap, doesn’t make it good value for money.

If your TV ends-up on the floor smashed to pieces, or it squashes the dog, or worse, was the wall bracket really good value for money?

If you’re under the impression that all TV wall brackets are the same and that there is no real difference in quality, please click the following link :-

Bracket Quality

Everyday our e-mail in-box is full of Chinese or other far eastern manufacturers offering us brackets at ridiculously low-costs, assuming we buy-in a shipping container full. The manufacturers offer a 12 month warranty to us, and a few extra brackets to be used for spare parts, and if we want to pay a little more, they will print the boxes with our logo.

Tempting as that offers may be, we never succumb to these “once in a life time” proposals, not even the very next day when the same design of bracket is offered from a different company.

The reason is simple, as a company we do not sell cheap products, we sell high quality brackets inexpensively, backed by UK based manufacturers.

As many of our customers are government departments, large corporate blue chip companies, schools, colleges and universities, we just can’t afford to sell products that might compromise future business. If one TV falls from the wall in Arcacia Ave, that customer may not buy from us again, however if a single TV falls from the wall in a school in Wales, then we would probably loose any future business through the whole of the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

When you purchase a bracket from Flat Screen Support, you are actually purchasing a life-time ownership of it, should you change your TV or move house and you lose a piece of your bracket, then we should be able to help. Our UK based suppliers hold a huge stock-pile of spare parts locally, hence parts can usually be posted-out to our customers the same day. Should the TV manufacturers change the way they produce their TVs, our manufacturers will retrospectively produce adaptor plates or other widgets to make them fit their brackets

As we supply many corporate customers and government departments, our brackets must adhere to strict independent quality tests, in Europe these tests are provided by TUV and in the USA they are provided by UL. These organisations independently assure our customers that claims regarding the specifications of the brackets are realistic and that the products can be used in Public Access environments.

In short, without doubt, there are seriously cheap products out-there, however the long-term ownership costs of some of these brackets may not be as attractive. A wholesaler may buy-in a shipping container full of cheap brackets with a few spare parts, however once they have been sold, the next production batch may be totally different. Our products are on-going with long-life continuity, if a model is enhanced by a manufacturer, then spare-parts are always available in the UK for all versions of the mount.

The above doesn’t even touch upon the low-quality of manufacturing, design and build of some of the brackets out there. Ask yourself the question:- If a wall mount bracket is advertised at say £15 or £20, and the advert says that it is capable of wall mounting a TV that costs many hundreds of pounds, would you trust it?

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