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What’s The Difference Between Flush, Tilting, Single Arm, Double Arm & Cantilever LED, LCD and Plasma TV Wall Mount Brackets?

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Flush Mount TV Bracket – hangs the TV on the wall like a picture, perfect for mounting a TV at eye level

Tilting Mount TV Bracket – Tilts the TV down by a few degrees, typically up to 15 degrees. Some Tilting mounts allow the TV to tilt upwards too.- Ideal for mount a TV above or below the natural eye-line.

Tilt / Turn TV Single Arm Wall Mount Bracket – This allows the TV to swing forward from the wall and turn left and right. The amount of turn is determined by the length of the arm. – Great for pointing a TV between different points of a room.

Tilt / Turn TV Double Arm Wall Mount Bracket – These brackets have two arms joined by an elbow, this enables the TV to be pulled-forward away from the wall rather than being swung forward as would be the case with the single arm version. These brackets enable the TV to be kept central to where the wall bracket is located, however the TV can be swung further to the left or right of the wall bracket. The amount of turn of the TV is again dictated by the length of the arms. – This is a very flexible bracket, great for mounting a TV in the corner of a room or pointing a TV around an obstruction.

Tilt / Turn Cantilever Wall Mount – True cantilever mounts allow the TV to be pulled forward from the wall then turned left and right. The centre of the TV should remain centred on the wall bracket, i.e. there is not lateral (left/right) movement, although the TV will turn to point to the left and right. Cantilever mounts are perfect for mounting a TV inside a TV cabinet or other restricted space, where any left or right movement would make the edge of the TV catch the sides of the restricted space. As with all brackets, the length of the arms dictate how far the TV can turn left or right. quite often, Cantilever mounts are not necessarily the best mount for mounting a TV in the corner of the room.

All LCD, LED and Plasma TV wall mount brackets, except the flush mounts allow the TV to tilt.

The most flexible LCD, LED & Plasma TV wall mounts in terms of reach from the wall and the degree of turn, are the Double Arm mounts.

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