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What Does VESA mean on LCD LED & Plasma TVs?

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More and more people are searching through the specifications of new LCD, LED and Plasma TVs on the internet and are getting confused, what the heck does VESA mean? After all, it’s on most spec-sheets.

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standard Association, this is an organisation that looks to standardise certain features of LED, LCD or Plasma TVs from all manufacturers. Most of the well-known brands do adhere to the standards laid-out by VESA, but it is always worth checking, before you buy your TV. Non-VESA standard TVs can still be wall mounted, however the choice of brackets may be limited and they can be more expensive. Hence, savings made buying a Non-VESA TV may be need to go towards buying a more expensive Non-VESA bracket.

VESA covers electronic standards but more importantly to us, it also covers mechanical features, such as wall mounting screw-hole spacing, screw-hole depths and screw-thread size.

Wall Mounting Screw-Hole Positions :-

VESA Standard Screen SizeDiameter Mounting Screw Pattern (H v V) Mount Screw Thread Position
MIS-D 75 10~78cm 75 mm × 75 mm M4
MIS-D 100 10~78cm 100 mm × 100 mm M4 C = centreT = topB = bottom
MIS-E 10~78cm 200 mm × 100 mm
MIS-F 79~230cm 200 mm × 200 mm
400 mm × 400 mm
600 mm × 200 mm
600 mm × 400 mm
800 mm × 400 mm
280 mm × 150 mm

2 examples may show:-


This would translate as a TV with a screen size between 10 and 78cm with a screw-hole pattern of 75 x 75mm where the mounts are central on the back-plate of the TV.

VESA MIS-F, 400, 200,6,b

This would translate as a TV with a screen size between 79cm and 230cm with a screw-hole pattern of 400 x 200mm with 4 x M6 screws (10mm deep) where the mounts are at the bottom of the screen.

It can look complicated, however if you just refer to the table, it should give you enough guidance to select the correct bracket

The above is a very basic guide to VESA Screen Mounting Standards. There are many other indicators supplied in a full VESA designation, however the above guide offers the most relevant information for simple wall or ceiling mounting. For full VESA specifications, please visit www.VESA.org

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