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What Does HDMI Version 1.4 With Ethernet Mean?

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True High Resolution HDMI 1.4 With Ethernet Cables Launched – Future Proofing Installation.

Some HDMI cables cost pennies surely these must be a great way to save money on a screen or projector installation. Why spend £100 on a cable when there is an equivalent one that only costs £10? Surely this is money in your back pocket.

Times they are a changing!!

With the introduction of 3D broadcasting and even higher resolution images, more and more cheap cables are failing to perform. More and more customers are complaining that having upgraded their home cinema equipment, they are disappointed with the image quality, colour reproduction and image quality are disappointing, quite often there are white speckles on the screen.

A £5 HDMI cable, even if it does have gold-plated connectors is not good value for money when installing a customer’s TV or projector, especially if cables are being plastered into a wall, or run under a laminate floor.

For commercial applications, or when hiring-out audiovisual equipment, if you’re not sure what source material is being used, then don’t skimp on the cable. The higher the resolution of the source equipment the better the HDMI cables needs to be, if a customer has spent thousands of pounds on his new high resolution corporate video, he won’t be too chuffed if his precious on-screen branding has more stars and stripes than the American flag!!

TV and broadcast technology never stands still, whether it’s a move from square (ish) TVs to Widescreen, 626 lines to high definition or 2D to 3D, the TV manufacturers and broadcasters are always looking to raise the bar. There is absolutely no doubt that the bigger the screen, the higher he definition needs to be, will broadcasters really be satisfied with just 1080 line resolution in the future?

It is with the professional installation market and the savvy home user in mind, that B-Tech has launched it’s new range of Very High definition HDMI cables. As these new HDMI 1.4 cables from B-tech use extra-wide 26AWG and 28AWG guage conducting wires, they are more than capable of supporting screen resolutions up to and including 4096 x 2160 @ 24Hz, more than double the current best screen resolutions. With data transfer capabilities of 14.93Gbps / 340Mhz, these cables are setting the future standards, against which all other HDMI cables should be judged.

Alongside bi-directional audio, these HDMI 1.4 cables delivers data transfer via Ethernet. These new capabilities should eliminate the need for extra Ethernet and audio cables, now and more importantly in the future a single HDMI could be all that is needed.

With transfer speeds of up to 14.93Gbps, the HDMI Ethernet Channel will enable countless IP-based applications that previously required a dedicated Cat 5 cable connected to the home network. Now, instead of running Ethernet to every component in an audiovisual equipment stack, only one device needs to be connected to the network via Cat 5+. The rest of the devices get their IP connectivity over HDMI.

As previously mentioned, if you’re losing an Ethernet cable, why not drop the audio cable as well? HDMI 1.4 provides for an audio return channel that enables upstream audio over HDMI.

Where HDMI 1.3 was all about increasing bandwidth to increase resolution, 1.4 is more of a new paradigm, it gives system designers a whole new range of abilities to do new things.

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