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Turn Your Shop Window into a Loudspeaker and Benefit From True Multimedia

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Retailers know that their shop-fronts are their windows to the world, however perhaps more importantly they are the public face of their companies, they are the medium by which they make their vital first impression to the passer-by. In the dog-eat-dog world of the High St, a great shop window display can bring-in new customers and often draw attention away from your competitors.

We’ve all seen the introduction of multimedia displays into the High St, many retailers incorporate large screen Plasma, LED or LED displays to entice customers to part with their hard-earned cash. If the advertising material is bright fast-moving and eye catching then you have a chance to capture the attention of the casual passer-by. Ideally the display will bring the passer-by to a stand-still and entice them to enter the store.

There is no doubt that a large screen display can be a very effective visual media presentation, but is it truly multimedia? What stops a person in their stride and makes them turn their head towards your window display? Perhaps a flicker of light in their peripheral vision might work?

There is another way sure-fire way. If you’re walking across a car park and you hear a plane, you instinctively take a look, you obviously know what the sound is, but you instinctively look around anyway. From birth, you only have two instincts pre-programmed, one to react to falling and two, to react to sound. If you hear a bang or a siren, it really is very difficult not to react.

Clearly for many years, the traditional style record shops blasted music into the streets, much to the annoyance of the local council environmental health department and a good deal of the passing public. Due to older-style very directional speaker sound generation, the sound level has to be at very high, if a member of the public was stranding close to the speaker they risked damage to their hearing whilst if you were standing just a few feet away, the sound could be lost due to the ambient traffic noise.

The key to offering a true multimedia shop display which includes audio content to turn heads towards your window is subtlety. Having diffused sound being produced across the whole shop-front at an audio level not being too intrusive offers the perfect effect. Of course this can be used with a multitude of small speaker, however the directional sound properties of these speakers still means that their individual volumes can be intrusive, not to mention the mass of tangles speaker wires and the complexity and the permanent nature of the installation.

With this scenario in mind, that we are very proud to launch a truly innovative option, why not turn the whole sheet of glass in your window into a speaker? that way, wherever a customer is standing in front of your shop window, they will experience the same level of audio. As the sound is diffused across the whole window, then the overall volume can be reduced.

Whether you wish to whisper sweet nothings into your customers ears, turn their heads with a subtle noise or issue a full-blown ‘call to action’, Flat Screen Support can help.

Flat Screen Support has launched 3 models of sound actuators, each capable of turning a solid surface into a speaker, whether it’s a glass window, a boardroom table or a counter-top. As previously mentioned, the larger the solid surface, the wider the sound-source can be.

Clearsound Live – this actuator has an inbuilt 2 channel audio amplifier, hence just a power cable and an audio source cable needs to be connected. The inbuilt amplifier can be connected directly to a simple MP3 player, Laptop or any other audio device. A second ‘Slave’ Clearsound module can be connected to drive sound through a larger area of solid surface.

Clearsound 2020MP3 – This actuator offer all the key benefits of the Clearsound Live but with the addition of an MP3 reader, any MP3 saved onto a memory stick can be inserted directly into the actuator to produce a stand-alone device, the only connection required would be a power cable. A further addition to the 2020MP3 is that an optional microwave motion detector can be connected, meaning that the MP3 is played only when triggered by someone passing the device.

Clearsound Slave – This is the basic ‘passive’ actuator unit, needing to be connected to an amplified source not greater than 20Watts RMS. This unit is ideal for connecting to either the Clearsound Live or the Clearsound 2020MP3. to give a wider sound generation. As this is a ‘passive’ transducer, it only requires the audio signal cable to be attached, it does not need a power source.

Microwave Trigger for Clearsound 2020MP3– When connected to the Clearsound 2020MP3, only when someone passes or stands close to it will the MP3 recording be played.

Talking or interactive advertising in the High Street has been a long-held dream of many advertising agencies, however existing systems for turning glass shop-fronts into speaker using a ‘smart’ material such a Terfenol-D, although very impressive do come with a hefty price-tag. Where cost is not an issue there is the Whispering Windows system from Feonic PLC to consider.

For more information on the ground-breaking technology please call 0845 835 0266


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