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The Trouble With Buying None UK Based Plasma LED LCD TV Wall Mount Brackets

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Mrs P**** from London contacted us regarding a product she purchased some time ago that appears to have developed a problem.

The bracket in question is a Meliconi Ghost cantilever wall mount. Although produced by a perfectly reputable manufacturer, the bracket appears to have developed a fault where it continually tilts, the bracket appears to be incapable of keeping a TV in a horizontal position. Ultimately, any product produced by any manufacturer can go faulty, it happens, even Rolls Royces need a manufacturer’s warranty.

The Meliconi Ghost 430 bracket sold for between £220 and £300, depending on the retailer, so it was not a cheap and cheerful product. The Ghost 430 was well made albeit supplied as many parts, not particularly-well pre-assembled.

The issue with this bracket appears to be the level of post-sales support, as neither Mrs P**** or ourselves could find a UK support telephone number to try and resolve this problem. Although we don’t sell the Meliconi range, we were just trying to assists a lady in distress.

This highlights a problem, it appears that this range of product was distributed in the UK by a wholesaler, this wholesaler is no-longer able to assist, leaving Mrs P**** high and dry.

At Flat Screen Support, we only supply products that we buy directly from the manufacturers, hence there are no 3rd parties involved that may negatively effect service and support. All our manufacturers have UK bases, where the service, support and warranties are administered, even if our company disappeared off the face of the Earth, then our manufacturers are very easy to locate and can be contacted directly.

If you can help Mrs P****, or you know of a telephone number that can be used to get service and support for the Meliconi Ghost 430, the please let us know.

For more information, please phone 0845 835 0266 or CLICK HERE


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