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Should I buy a Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for my LCD LED or Plasma TV?

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We’re often asked “Do I need a wall mount bracket that tilts for my new TV?”

Clearly, due to their size and format most LCD, LED and Plasma flat panel screens are ideally suited to being mounted on a wall. Assuming that the proposed supporting wall is structurally sound, and that perhaps your rental agreement allows for wall mounting a TV, then wall mounting is a great way to save floor space.

Having decided to wall mount your TV on a structurally sound wall, then the next decisions is where and how high, the latter decisions is the one that determines whether a tiling mount is required.

Regardless of screen technology, LCD, LED and Plasma screens all have some degree of screen viewing angle restriction. In the early days of LCD and Plasma technology, the horizontal viewing angles were very poor, to resolve this issue manufacturers spent fortunes advancing their technologies to improve all the viewing angles, both horizontally and vertically. As the general everyday use of these displays dictates how many units can be sold, if there is a compromise, then the vertical viewing angles are perceived to be less important that the horizontal, viewers located to the left & right of the screen need to be able to see the screen clearly.

Viewing the screen from the bottom edge is the angle from where the screen brightness and clarity can be compromised more quickly. It does not take too much of a viewing angle from the bottom edge to start compromising the image contrast and brightness, films with dark content such as shadowy backgrounds can be difficult to view.

Our rule of thumb is “If you’re going to look-up at the screen, then go for a tilting bracket”. Even just a few degrees of tilt, perhaps just 5~10 degrees can make a huge difference to the image quality. Why hand-over many hundreds of pounds for a large screen TV and not be able to see the screen clearly? Typically many people wish to mount their new TV above their fireplace, this is where Tilting mount can be useful.

The issue caused by mounting a TV higher on the wall can be offset by sitting further away from the screen, great if you’ve got a large room, however if due the size of your room you can’t, then perhaps a tilting mount may be the best option.

Our advice is :-

Sit down in your favourite chair and relax, as you would do when you’re watching your favourite movie, look at your proposed TV position on the wall and judge whether you’re looking-up, if you are, we advise that a tilting bracket may be the answer.

If your new TV will be at eye level or close to eye-level then a Flush mount would be perfect for your TV installation.

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