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North West Local Council Twin (Dual) Monitor Desk Mount Requirement – A Case Study

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In January, a systems integration company contacted us to discuss a requirement for a North West Local Council’s requirement for their customer telephone support officers.

Each telephone operative required two computer screens to be mounted on the desk-top in front of them. As the systems integration company was updating the complete database and the operating systems used by the council, two versions of the database would need to be used concurrently by the help-line operatives, each displayed on a different screen. As the over-lap of databases would be a temporary measure, lasting only a few months, cost were of course a critical issue. As the call centre had all new workstations, there had to be no damage to the work-surfaces, nothing could be secured directly to the worktops.

After the passing of a few e-mails, we suggested using the B-Tech BT7332 double desktop monitor stand. As these stands used a toughened safety glass bases, they did not need to be secured to the work-surface. Each of the two 21” LCD monitor screens could be independently adjusted to obtain the best screen position.

Following the initial test and evaluation of a sample unit, 80 units were ordered and delivered directly to the Local Council.

On completion of the very simple installation, all completed over a single weekend, the stands were put straight into action.

As Mr Albion of the systems integrator commented, “to be honest we didn’t know where to start with this one, we weren’t even sure that free-standing double monitor stands were available, we had of course seen the ones that attach to the worktop” Mr Albion continued “After just a couple of emails and a couple of phone calls, Flat Screen Support came-up trumps, not only was the correct product recommended, they also had enough stock to fulfil our very urgent requirements”

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