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Multiple LCD TFT Monitor Desk Mount Stand – Case Study

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In January Mr Kavanagh of Basingstoke in Hampshire contacted us as he had a very specific requirement for banks of LCD TFT monitors for use in his security office.

Mr Kavanagh needed 10 x 19” LCD TFT monitor screens to be installed in his security office, the major complication being that walls were prefabricated partition walls and were therefore unable to support any great weight. Mr Kavanagh’s office ceiling was suspended from a steel-framed sloping ceiling some 6 metres above, again not suitable for carrying the weight of the monitors.

Having spoken to Flat Screen Support, it was clear that the only realistic alternative available for Mr Cavanagh was either floor stands or self-supporting desktop mounts. As Mr Cavanagh lacked floor space, it was quickly decided that self-supporting desks mounts would be the best alternative.

During his discussions with our installation specialist, two products were identified as being perfect for Mr Cavanagh’s requirements. 1 x BT7326 (6 monitor stand) and 1 x BT7324 (4 monitor stand), these mounted side-by-side would give the 10 monitors required for the 10 channel video security multiplexer.

With the BT7326 and the BT7324 each monitor angle could be adjusted independently, to achieve the perfect viewing angle. As Mr Cavanagh was not in a position to replace all his existing monitors with new ones with wider viewing angles, this was particularly important. Each of Mr Cavanagh’s older generation monitors with narrower viewing angles could be adjusted perfectly, hence saving Mr Cavanagh a great deal of money.

As desk space was at a premium, the benefit of both the BT7326 and the BT7324 was that the stand bases were low-profile 10mm thick toughened glass, this meant that keyboards and remote control joysticks could be located and operated easily.

Following the installation in early January, Mr Cavanagh has confirmed his delight in the pre-sales support, the pricing of his two stands and the durability of the B-tech manufactured products. “Having spoken to a few on-line retailers, I was beginning to pull my hair out, I was getting so much contradictory advice, I was getting more and more confused.” Mr Cavanagh added “I was advised to speak with the experts at Flat Screen Support, fearing I was going to get a price shock, I picked up the phone and called the help-line. Not only did I get the right product for my particular requirements, I wasn’t charged an experts premium!!, I’m very happy”.

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