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How many TVs can be mounted on one ceiling pole?

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We’re often asked, “How many TV monitors can be mounted on to one ceiling mount pole?”

Clearly, without any hesitation the most important issue is the overall weight of the installed TVs. Our heavy duty ceiling mounts can support up to a maximum of 140kg, that’s a massive 308lbs. Obviously a ceiling mount bracket is only as strong as the ceiling and the ceiling fixings that are supporting it. As most 42” LCD TVs weigh in the region of 30kg, then effectively up to 4 could be mounted on a single pole, assuming of course that the ceiling and fixings can actually support such a weight.

The other issue is of course, how many TV monitors can be physically attached to the pole? Mounting TVs back to back is perfectly possible, meaning that 2 pairs of TVs can be mounted very close together. A 1.5m pole could certainly support 4 x 42” TVs.

The poles and accessory fixings we use have either a 50mm or 60mm diameter, this means that we can usually retro-fit existing installations from manufacturers such as Unicol, Premier, Vogel’s, Peerless, Chief & OmniMount.

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