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How do I ceiling mount an LCD LED Plasma TV?

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The principles of mounting an LCD LED or Plasma TV to a ceiling are pretty-much the same as wall mounting, there is a ceiling plate with a pole, a mount on the pole then a plate mounted to the back of the TV which locates and hooks securely to the pole mount.

Clearly, the single most important consideration when contemplating this kind of mount has to be, Is my ceiling strong enough to support the weight of my TV? In some instances it may be worth speaking to a builder or joiner just to confirm whether your ceiling is structurally sound enough to support the combined weight of the TV with the mount assembly.

In most modern 2 story homes, the ceiling of the ground floor rooms is of course also the upper level’s floor, hence most are easily capable of supporting a combined weight of around 60kg (typical weight of a 42” TV with mount).

Once you’re sure your ceiling can support the weight of the TV, you then need to decide how far you would like the centre of the TV to be from your ceiling, this will dictate the length (drop) of the pole. If your TV will be at eye-level then a flush-mount would be fine, if the TV will be above your eye-line then a tilting mount may be the best option.

Before you start the installation of the TV, spend a little time considering the mains supply and the cables that will need to be run to the TV. If at all possible, consider running cables into the ceiling, out of sight. Consult a qualified electrician with regard to running a mains electrical spur to where the TV will be mounted. A little time spent at this planning stage will result in a much neater and more practical installation.

Assuming you have the perfect location and you’ve sorted out the cables, the actual installation of the TV is pretty straight forward.

  1. Secure the ceiling plate to the solid ceiling, there are many options available to ensure the most secure installation.
  2. Fix the pole to the ceiling plate, some poles can be cut to length.
  3. Attach the TV mount to the pole, either a flush or tilting version depending on the installation height.
  4. On the back-plate of the TV, locate the 4 or 6 wall mounting threaded screw-holes, on smaller TVs, they can be 75 x 75mm, in extreme cases on some larger TVs they can be as wide as 800mm apart.
  5. With the TV disconnected from the mains electrical supply, lay the mounting plate(s) on the back-plate of the TV, taking note of the hook device, ensure it (they) is (are) the right way up as these need to hook onto the wall plate.
  6. Using a plastic or wooden tooth-pick gauge the depth of the wall-mounting screw threads. From the pack of screws supplied by the bracket manufacturer, select the correct thread diameter and the correct thread depth. You may need to use washer or other spacers if the screws supplied are too long. Using the selected screws, attach the plate or mounting strips to the back of the TV.
  8. Once the plate or strips are attached to the TV, simply lift the TV and hook-it onto the pole TV mount. Before letting-go of the TV, ensure that the hooks are fully located onto the TV pole mount and that the weight is being fully supported.
  9. On many TV brackets there will be a securing rod, screws or bars to prevent the TV from being lifted from the ceiling mount.

This guide has been produced to give you a general indication of the process of hanging a TV onto a ceiling mount, it is not a fully-inclusive instruction sheet for all ceiling mounts. Please study the mount manufacturer’s instruction sheet carefully, before proceeding with the installation process. If you have any queries please call us on 0845 835 0266


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