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Government Spending Review – Videoconferencing A True Money Saving Option

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Communication by Video Conferencing equipment has been around for many years but it’s only in the last few years, that due to converging technologies it has undergone a huge revival. Adding to these converging technologies, the real cost savings that can be attained now underline that Video Conferencing is an extremely viable and attractive proposition.

Just like at home, the introduction of High Definition Video has proved to be a major contributing factor to an improved user experience of video conferencing. With improved communication speeds, gone are the days of jerky picture quality and audio. Today’s High Definition video conferencing systems produce a sharp, life-like picture that help people emotionally connect with their meeting partners, regardless of their location.

On October the 20th 2010, the UK Government’s public spending review has necessitated budget cuts in local and central government departments. Across the UK, suppliers both locally and nationally will be forced to look at their own expenses and cut unnecessary costs. Business travel, including the costs of overnight hotel accommodation can be a significant expense. We all appreciate that ‘pressing the flesh’ does help build relationships, but during prolonged or initial negotiations, many meetings can be perfectly productive if they are managed via Video Conferencing.
Hotel and travel expenses for a single meeting can amount to many hundreds of pounds, particularly if there is a group of people involved. Clearly, it doesn’t take many meetings to cover a significant proportion of the purchase cost of a Video Conferencing system. More and more businesses are deploying videoconferencing in order to benefit from reduced travel costs, faster decision making and greater convenience.

A real side benefit of Video Conferencing is that it is of course a greener option, not only does it reduce the amount of travel, but it also allows for a more distributed workforce. A distributed workforce allows lower ‘out of town’ building rental and lower building expenses.

Never before has video conferencing been as easy to use, more affordable and able to deliver an all-important ‘natural meeting experience.’ While HD video conferencing will never replace in-person meetings, it gives people the option to communicate face-to-face without having to travel.

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