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Extending Arm Hospital LCD LED TV Arm Bracket – BT7593 Case Study

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As with many telephone inquiries, our conversation with Mrs Bennett started with a pause. Over the years, we’ve come to understand that many customers are not sure what questions to ask; or if the question they’re about to ask a ‘stupid’ one?

As ever we started at beginning, with our experience we were able to tease the information from Mrs Bennett to ensure she received the most suitable product for her individual circumstances. As we do not receive manufacturer incentives to sell their products, our customers can be assured they will receive the most suitable product, not one the salesperson gets the most commission to sell.

Mrs Bennett’s inquiry was based around making the everyday life of a severely disabled relative as comfortable as possible. Having been confined to a hospital ward for several months, her relative was moving into her home where Mrs Bennett was to act as principle carer.

As Mrs Bennett’s relative had restricted physical movement, she was concerned that even simple things like watching TV would be difficult as there was nowhere to wall-mount a TV on the wall facing the bed. Due to the specialist nature of the bed, the position of the bed was fixed, it’s position was not flexible.

Having spent time sensitively discussing Mrs Bennett’s requirements, the Flat Screen Support product specialist advised that the BT7593 Extending Arm Monitor TV Wall Mount was the answer to this particular situation, this TV wall mount arm could be mounted behind the bed-head. As the wall-fixing plate is just 130mm (5.1”) x 150mm (8.3”), then it would not interfere with the plethora of specialist medical equipment including an oxygen supply.

The BT7593 extending wall arm is capable of supporting a 23” LCD or LED TV at full reach from behind the bed-head. The TV can be pulled forward from behind the bed-head up to a maximum distance of 1650mm (65”), and the position adjusted to ensure the person in the bed can have the very best viewing experience. As Mrs Bennett’s relative has to lie for several hours on their side, a particularly useful feature of the BT7593 as that the TV could also be used in portrait orientation. With it’s 100 degree tilt function, combined with it’s 360 degree rotation, this extending arm mount was the perfect option for Mrs Bennett.

Although only a very small part of the stress and pressure Mrs Bennett was enduring, Mrs Bennett expressed her gratitude and thanks to Flat Screen Support for resolving one of the issues on her very long list of jobs to be done, as Mrs Bennett said “I started with a problem and was even unsure of what questions to ask, I ended with the perfect product for our requirements. The TV arm is used every day and it does exactly what Flat Screen Support advised it would, I’m delighted.”

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