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Dentist Chair LCD LED Plasma Ceiling Mount – Case Study

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Dr Casey contacted us during the refurbishment of his dental surgery. To enable his patients to feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible, Dr Casey wanted to safely mount a SAMSUNG P2370HD 23′ LCD TV above the patient, whilst the patient was reclining in the surgery chair.

As Dr Casey’s surgery had a sloping ceiling that was approximately 1.2m above the patient’s head, Dr Casey wanted a screen to come down from the ceiling about 80cm. The issue that made this requirement a little more complex was that the screen must be able to rotate down 90 degrees to face the patient. The second difficulty was that the ceiling from which the TV was to be attached was sloping, meaning that a fixed ceiling plate would not be appropriate.

Clearly most TV ceiling mounts enable the screen to tilt, but usually to a maximum of just 15 ~ 20 degrees, this would not be enough for this particular installation.

Following a telephone conversation with one of our technical team, the most appropriate ceiling mount kit was suggested. Our team member was able to suggest the B-Tech BT7582 Ceiling Mount Kit, this ticked all the boxes as far as Dr Casey was concerned.

1 – The Ceiling Mount Plate allowed the ceiling pole to rotate within it, compensating for the sloping ceiling.

2 – The 75cm distance the screen came down from the sloping ceiling was perfect for easy viewing.

3 – The BT7582 allows the screen to rotate and lie horizontally, facing the reclined patient.

An added inbuilt safety feature of the BT7582 was that it was supplied with a safety wire, which would prevent the screen from falling should the mount assembly fail.

Once delivered, the ceiling mount was quickly and easily installed and proved itself to be perfectly suited to Dr Casey’s particular requirements. Dr Casey remarked, “After spending the first 4 hours trawling through website after website dealing with self proclaimed experts, I was more confused than when I started. As soon as I spoke directly with Graham at Flat Screen Support, everything became clear, it was as though the fog had lifted, suddenly someone understood what I actually needed” he added, “without fuss, the correct product was suggested, without making me feel daft”

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