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Can LCD or Plasma TV brackets and mounts be used on the new LED TVs?

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Several manufacturers including Samsung, Sharp, Sony & LG have recently launched LED (Light Emitting Diode) TV ranges. What are the implications on floor stands, desk mounts, wall and ceiling mounting brackets? It is understood the both JVC and Philips will be launching new ranges of LED TVs over the next few month

In a nutshell, physically there’s not a great deal of difference between Plasma, LCD and LED TVs.

Of course, LED TVs tend to be slimmer than other technologies, even those with additional back-lighting are generally slimmer then most LCD and Plasma TVs. Due to the slim nature of LED screens, care needs to be taken when selecting the screws / bolts to secure the bracket on to the back of the TV. It is important that the screws / bolts do not extend into the back of the TV deeper than the imbedded screw threads. When powered off and disconnected from the mains electricity supply, the depth of the screw-threads can be measured using a wooden tooth-pick, simply run the tooth-pick inside the screw-holes and ‘feel’ where the screw-threads end. Only select the screws / bolts from the bracket’s screw-pack, which do not extend beyond this depth. If the screws / bolts appear to be a little long, then washers should be used as packing.

The majority of the new LED TVs, even those up to 37” in diameter have VESA200 mounting positions, this simply means that the TV will have 4 screw-holes on the back-plate, measuring 200 x 200mm. Samsung 40” LCD TVs have historically adopted the VESA200 specification, however the new Samsung 40” LED Screens have a VESA400 specification lay-out, that is, the screw-holes are spaced 400 x 400mm

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