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B-Tech Launches New Videoconferencing Stands & Trolleys To Help Reduce Business Costs While Getting Britain Back to Work.

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We all listened to George Osborne’s budget in March and heard his quote :- “We want the words: ‘Made in Britain, ‘Created in Britain’, ‘Designed in Britain’, ‘Invented in Britain’, to drive our nation forward. A Britain carried aloft by the march of the makers. That is how we will create jobs and support families. We have put fuel into the tank of the British economy.”

This call to action was of course off-set by the governments commitment to reduce spending throughout local and central government. With the knock-on effects of reduced spending, most commercial organisations will of course feel the need to reduce spending.

Over the last 20 or so years, we have seen many false-dawns of the wide acceptance of Videoconferencing, could this be the moment when Videoconferencing finally gets a huge kick-start?

With the above in mind, B-Tech has launched a new range Videoconferencing stands and trolleys, ranging from a single 50” screen trolley, through to a double 42” screen side-by-side stand. All these new models come complete with a videoconferencing camera shelf.

Lets look at the benefits and recent changes in technology and other market drivers:

Technology developments : Higher broadband and telecommunications speeds means more data can be passed in real-time, this can increase the screen image resolution and reduce any delay in the audiovisual signal, this usually caused cross-over talking, “no please after you, oh excuse me, after-you”…. and so on. A few years ago, even a 42” Plasma screen being used for Videoconferencing could only display 640 x 480 VGA screen pixel resolution, whist that might have been acceptable on a laptop computer, when blown-up to 42” screen, the resolution was very poor. Even at this low resolution, there was still a degree of ‘blocky’ image, not great when trying to close a deal.

Cost savings : Clearly there is nothing better than ‘pressing the flesh’ to seal a deal, but how many pre-finalisation meetings does there need to be before the deal is done? The cost of overnight accommodation, flights, rail fares, petrol and parking can amount to hundreds of pounds, the cost of a few meetings could pay for a Videoconferencing unit.

Security : Following the atrocities of 9/11, many companies stopped staff from using commercial airlines, of course airlines suffered due to the lack of air traffic, but also many business deals were put on hold. It took many months for the airlines to win-back the confidence of many regular business travellers. Sadly, as we’re continually being reminded by the security services within the UK, there have several attempts to sabotage aircraft, and almost certainly there will be more. Remarkably, what brought air-traffic to a standstill in spring 2010 was of course the power of mother nature, atmospheric ash caused by the volcano in Iceland prevented any planes from flying through British and Western Europe airspace for many days.

Environmental Concerns : with any manufacturing process, whether it’s the building of a videoconferencing unit oor a Toyota Prius, there are costs to the environment. However, once built, a Videoconferencing unit can reduce carbon emissions. Whether it’s the reduced use of aircraft or car fuel, or the reduction of cars clogging up our streets and motorways, Videoconferencing can have very positive benefits for our environment.

Clearly, if there was ever a time in recent history, when Videoconferencing solved so many practical problems, then this should be it. Alongside the very clear benefits of Videoconferencing, the cost reduction in the hardware and data communications also make this the ideal time for all companies, even the Small to Medium sized ones to take advantage of Videoconferencing.

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