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Are You sitting Comfortably? – Guide to Desktop & Counter-Top Monitor Mounts

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When you start to use a display screen on your desk or workstation, it is vital that your seating position is correct in order to minimize any long term damage to your back or neck that may occur when sitting and viewing a screen from an incorrect position. Unsuitable furniture or unsuitable screen mounting arms can be a serious health and safety issue, which can result in legal action due to a company’s lack of ‘Duty of Care’.
There is no doubt, selecting the correct and most user friendly mounting systems can be a real insurance policy, can you really afford not to select it? Investing a few extra pounds purchasing the most adjustable monitor desk mounts could save you thousands of pounds further down the line.
Tips on getting comfortable

Adjust your chair – be aware of all the adjustments that you can make to your chair. Ensure your best posture by keeping your back straight and your feet flat to the floor.


Adjust the height of your computer screen so that it is approximately 30 ~ 75cm from your eyes, with the top of your screen at your eye level.


Ensure your posture is correct again, is your back straight and are your feet flat to the floor? If your posture is not correct, you may encounter back and neck aches and pains. Slouching in your seat or leaning forward can cause long term back and neck problems.


Avoid screen reflections – adjust your computer monitor to avoid reflections from windows and overhead lighting. Ensure that the screen brightness and contrast are correctly set. This will reduce screen ‘flicker’ and unnecessary eye strain.


Use your work space tabletop sensibly, keep frequently used items such as your telephone, calculator or staples, within easy reach. Avoid twisting and stretching for these items.


When using your computer or laptop keyboard, your wrists should be straight, they should not be bent up of down or twisted to the left or right. If not taken care of, there is a real potential for Repetitive Strain Injury over prolonged periods of keyboard use. When typing, your elbows should be lower than your shoulders to reduce should aches and pains. Finally, keep your computer mouse as close to you as possible.
The range of B-Tech Premium screen desk mounts has been ergonomically designed to ensure that the user can achieve the perfect body position to allow maximum comfort when using a computer screen, minimising the possibilities of eye, neck and back strain injuries.
Each desktop mount features smooth and easy adjustment of height, reach and tilt, and are supplied as single arm, double arm or twin screen.
If you’re an employer or you’re setting-up your own small office or home office, can you really take the gamble of supplying unsuitable alternatives?
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