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Premier Mounts Launches Low Cost Budget Short Throw Projector Wall Mounts EST100 & EST200

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To meet the extreme budget restraints of most education establishments, Premier Mount has launched a range of two very low cost short-throw projector wall mounts.

Typically, as these mounts have been produced by leading US manufacturer Premier Mounts, the very high safety and security features have not been compromised by their low costs. Indeed, these short throw projector mounts are supplied with the manufacturers LifeTime warranty.

Recently, due to the extended use of the Interactive Whiteboards, many projector manufacturers have introduced very short throw projector models. Historically, projectors needed to be around 3~4 metres away from a screen to produce 60” projected images. With these new short-throw projectors, many can achieve this 60” image or an even larger image from a distance under 1m.

Generally, short throw projectors tend to offer brighter images and are easier to install than ceiling mounted versions. Also projector images tend to be less affected by ambient lighting, as the room lights and windows are usually behind the projector. As cable-runs tend to be shorter, there is usually a significant cost saving to be made during an installation, also there is less likelihood of image ‘flicker’ due to the video cables picking up electrical ‘noise’ interference from the general environment. In terms of class-room or office disturbance, the installation process is faster and less intrusive. There is no need to have access above the ceiling to run the cables, also there is no need to remove ceiling tiles which often become brittle and can break.

From a very serious Health & Safety perspective, the most significant advantage of wall mounting a projector in older school or office buildings, is that it is much less likely to disturb long-standing debris in the ceiling voids, debris such as glass fibre insulation or even Asbestos fibres. Many schools and other educational establishments have established procedures for managing the very serious health hazards caused by existing Asbestos fibres. These procedures are in-place to control the access to hazardous areas and to prevent the disturbance of any ‘settled’ fibre debris.

The Premier Short Throw projector mounts are ideal for the following brands of projectors :-

Optoma, Hitachi, Benq, Sanyo, Epson, Mitsubishi & Toshiba

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266

For more information, please click here


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