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Mobile DISCO Plasma, LED, LCD Stand for 50 inch Screen – Premier Mounts TL84-RTM

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Flat Screen Support was contacted by Mr L-H of Stockport regarding his very specific requirement.

As a professional DJ, catering for parties, weddings and corporate events, Mr L-H needed a 50” screen to be mounted on his stage platform. To allow everyone in the room to see the screen image, he needed the centre of the screen to be at a height of 2m. This screen was to be used for Karaoke, to display digital images of the party-goers during the evening and to show his client’s corporate videos.

Catering for the corporate market and high-end parties, Mr L-H often had bookings in large multi-national hotels, such as the Hilton Hotel Group. Clearly, the health and safety standards required for these multinational companies were significantly stricter than perhaps those in the back-room of a pub. Where a landlord of a local pub may ask the question whether the visiting DJ had liability insurance, the hotel groups demanded the evidence, including confirmation that the equipment being used was up to the job.

In summary, Mr L-H needed a tall 2m stand, capable of supporting a 50” LCD screen, that was easy to assemble and transport. The stand of course had to be of commercial grade, being certified by a European safety standard organisation.

After confirming Mr L-H’s requirements, Flat Screen Support was able to suggest the very cost effective 2m tall flat panel stand. Being manufactured by Premier Mounts, the TL84-RTM was covered by it’s LifeTime warranty and had also been tested and approved by U.S.  testing laboratories UL, particularly for use in ‘public access’ environments.

Over the last year, Mr L-H has used the TL84-RTM at many functions throughout the North West of England, apart from a few scratches to the base; the stand has more than coped with the rigours of Mr L-H’s business.

As Mr L-H commented, “Apart from a little black touch-up paint being needed from time to time, this stand has proved more than capable of coping with the stick it gets, being thrown in the back of my van after a long evening”, Mr L-H added, “I did see cheaper stands on Ebay, but my clients wouldn’t have been too understanding if the TV stand had toppled over.”

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