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How to Mount an LED, LCD or Plasma TV or Monitor on a Partition Wall

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This is an update to an older post, detailing how to mount a flat panel TV or monitor onto a plasterboard partition wall. This had been updated to include references to LED TVs. This post cover what mounting hardware and tools are required for a plasterboard partition wall installation.

Depending on the size of your TV, it is possible to wall-mount it to a plasterboard wall. We only recommend that flush-fit brackets or those that allow the TV to tilt are used on plasterboard walls. Apart from very small TVs, those typically smaller than 19”, we do not recommend extending arm brackets or swinging arm mounts are used on a plasterboard wall.

TVs that are less than 19” can be flush-mounted safely, using only the plasterboard for support, assuming the correct fixings for plasterboard are used. For these smaller TVs, tilting brackets and arm mounts can be used; assuming that the weight of the TV is supported by the wooden stud-work behind the plasterboard, plasterboard alone is not strong enough to cope with the leverage and stresses caused by extending the TV away from the wall.

For TVs larger than 19” we recommend that if they are mounted to a plasterboard wall, that the weight of the TV is supported by the stud-work behind the plasterboard.

For TVs larger than 26”, unless additional support is added to the wall, we do not recommend that arm mounts or other extending-arm brackets are mounted to plasterboard.

If you’re not sure if your wall is capable of supporting the weight of your TV, please consult a qualified joiner or builder. For additional advice, please call 0845 835 0266 or CLICK HERE


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