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Extended Range of Retail Window Point of Sale Audio Speakers From SoundLeisure

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Flat Screen Support is proud to announce it’s expanded range of Retail Point of Sale Advertising audio products. Whether it’s an outdoor advertising street SwingSign, talking glass windows or talking ‘Snap Frame’ advertising posters, Flat Screen Support is able to provide British designed and manufactured solutions.

Largely using propriety technology, the sound from most of these products is produced from the actual flat panel or the body of the product, not auxiliary speakers. This makes them simple to install and maintain, reducing the number of cables needed to install them, indeed the street advertising swing board can be totally free standing without any connections whatsoever, as it is supplied with an internal battery, offering up to 9 hours of use, between charges.

Gone are the days when a separate CD player or a computer was needed to drive the sound content, our adverting products use simple MP3 sound files stored on USB memory sticks. By using USB sticks, changing the content of the advertising can be changed very quickly and easily.

The 3 main product groups are the ClearSound window systems, the Talkie ‘Snap Frame’ advertising posters and the SwingSign street advertising display.

For more information on our full range of Retail and Point of Sale products, please call 0845 835 0266 or please CLICK HERE.


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