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Commercial LED Flat Panel Monitor Stands For Exhibitions and Training Room Use

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We’re being asked to clarify which floor stands should be selected for use with LED TVs and monitors.

Typically, for commercial use, screen sizes above 37” would generally be selected; these of course would give a good screen size for most audience members to see. Generally speaking, most 37” and larger LED screens have a VESA400 wall fixing pattern. All this means is that the threaded screw-holes on the back plate of the TV or monitor are usually spaced 400mm wide by 400mm vertically. These wall mounting screw-holes are used to mount the TV or monitor to a commercial floor stand or trolley.

The following stands and trolleys are entirely compatible with all larger LED TVs and Trolleys:-

BT4003, BT8504, BT80041BB, BW60-UFA, BW72-UFA, TL60-UFA, TL72-UFA, TL84-UFA, EBC60-UFA, EBC72-UFA, EBC72-UFA, BT8505, EBC60VC, BW60-RTM, BW72-RTM, EBC72VC, BT4002, TL60-RTM, TL72-RTM, TL84-RTM, BT8504x2, BT4002-2TB15, BT4002-2SBS15, BT4002-2SBS20, BT4002-2TB20, CS60-2MS2, CS72-2MS2, CS84-2MS2, EB60-TVC, EB72-TVC, EB84-TVC, EBC60-TVC, EBC72-TVC

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