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2012, A Big Year for LCD LED and Plasma TV / Monitor Installations?

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As we all know, now that England and The Republic of Ireland have qualified for the European Football Championship Finals, coinciding with the Olympic Games, one would think that the months leading up to the summer of 2012 should be bumper ones for the audiovisual installation markets.

Alongside the great sporting events on the horizon, there are many very old audiovisual installations that really need updating. As marketing budgets have been squeezed over the last few years, there are many older technology screen installations in retail, exhibition spaces and the hospitality trades.

As we have seen in the run-up to all recent FIFA World Cup Finals and the UEFA European Championship Finals, mounting hardware stock always runs short, especially the commercial grade stands and trolleys, those typically used in the hospitality trades and for temporary or permanent office use.

Over the last couple of years, many manufacturers have already reduced the volumes of Flat Panel stands, trolleys, ceiling mounts and wall brackets being produced, this is because of their fear of being left with excess stock. Should this trend be followed in the first half of 2012, then there is an absolute possibility that there may be a severe shortage of stock when the market starts to recover and the 2012 sporting events kick-in.

Since the costs of very large flat panel LCD, LED and Plasma screens have reduced significantly over the last year couple of years, they can now represent a real alternative to large screen projectors. Especially during the summer months, daytime sporting events can be difficult to view on a projected image, quite often the image can appear to be washed-out and lacking contrast. Over the next few months, it can be expected that many pubs and clubs will be replacing their ageing projectors with large screen flat panel TVs. Quite often, the frightening cost of the replacement lamps and the lower reliability of projectors, will offer further ‘excuses’ for replacing a projector with a shiny new Plasma, LED or LCD TV or monitor.

Our advice for 2012?, If you’re even considering replacing an existing audiovisual installation during the run-up to summer 2012, don’t leave it too late, potential stock shortages and even price hiking close to the events could make it a very expensive mistake.

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